$1/Day Unlimited Internet Access

Today over 75 million Americans do not have Internet Access in their homes and lack the many benefits that come from connectedness to online resources. Tazca Connects is making significant progress in helping cities bridge that digital divide. We believe that community connectedness and online connectedness are intrinsically linked, and that any gaps from not having affordable Internet access can now be overcome.  Mayors and City Councils unanimously agree.  They recognize that enabling affordable access to the Internet has a significant positive impact to accelerating the economic condition of their community.

Tazca Connects is partnering with cities by making unlimited high-speed Internet access available to residents for $1/Day.  $1/Day Internet access is the most affordable Internet access in the United States.  Utilizing the EZ LTE platform from Lemko Corporation (, Tazca Connects has built a “connected city model” that accelerates Internet in the home and eliminates the traditional costs and complexities of access.

If you are interested in reviewing our connected city model and discussing ways to overcome the digital divide by partnering with us, please reach out to Tazca Connects at 1(630)592-8248.


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