4G LTE 3.65GHz Implementation Advantages

Global interest in our Tazca Connects 3.65GHz LTE-as-a-service remains strong due to our clear implementation advantages and simplified LTE provisioning. Tazca Connects accelerates 4G implementations because of our 3GPP standards compliant interfaces and LTE functionality built on a fully distributed Evolved Packet Core (EPC) that comes with MME, HSS (HLR, VLR & CLR), PGW, SGW and PCRF functionality that significantly reduces complexity and eliminates unnecessary operational costs.

A key implementation advantage of going with Tazca Connects 4G LTE is that we have a sophisticated Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows advanced system administrator functionality. That functionally includes “bulk provisioning” of LTE subscribers and advanced HLR provisioning supporting “centralized network” administration. This allows each Operator to have efficient “point & click” provisioning that enhances system reliability, enables advanced LTE resiliency and supports distributed, embedded, and hybrid deployment models.

Another implementation advantage is that our 4G LTE solution does not require Fiber backhaul at your eNodeB/Access Point radios. In addition, with Tazca Connects, there is no need to “upgrade” your network with Carrier Ethernet infrastructure since we eliminate centralized GPRS tunneling, enabling 100% of your traffic to go directly to the Internet! Operators can reuse their existing backhaul infrastructure including unlicensed microwave backhaul. When implementing Tazca Connects 4G, whatever is the Operator’s lowest cost IP backhaul network connectivity option at the radio site can be used. In addition, if a tower site or LTE radio has no existing Internet access or traditional wireline or wireless backhaul options, our EPC architecture supports LTE-over-satellite.

If you are looking for a wholesale 4G LTE solution that brings real affordability with no subscriber licensing fees, no EPC maintenance costs and simplified provisioning and implementation, then we encourage you to consider Tazca Connects! We can review our latest 3.65 GHz unlicensed offering and complete product line of 4G enabled Macro, Mini and Small Cell Pico radios and CPE to customize your LTE deployment.


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