Core Broadband 4G LTE Chooses US Based Tazca Connects to Enable Faster Internet Access across Ontario

4G LTE Partnership to provide cost-effective Broadband Enhancement

ITASCA, IL July 10,  2014 – Core Broadband announces plans to deploy cost-effective 4G LTE using Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service in Muskoka Ontario to increase the speed and capacity of Internet Access for existing ISPs, businesses, government, hospitals, schools and individuals.

Core Broadband CEO, Neil Smellie stated that “We searched for an innovative LTE solution that was cost effective and enabled Broadband enhancement in a rural environment with the strictest of performance requirements. Tazca Connects met those requirements and proved to be a very cost effective 4G LTE solution that supported our Open Access Network Architecture and leveraged Internet Economics so we could deploy 4G Broadband as we would any Internet Application.  We chose Tazca Connects LTE-as-a-Service because it was backed by Lemko Corporation’s distributed LTE architecture that virtualizes the mobile core and drives down wireless Internet costs down to that of wireline economics.”

Tazca Connects high speed Internet service is powered by an innovative LTE software platform from Lemko Corporation, bringing cost-effective 4G LTE connectivity to residents and business in the Core Broadband licensed footprint. The LTE fixed wireless broadband service will expand Core’s rural broadband infrastructure in Ontario and will be deployed with advanced features on a virtualized software platform at each cell site, directly connecting to the cloud.  These benefits result in lower-up front capital expenses and ongoing operational costs.

“Core Broadband brings over a decade of experience in running wireless networks, and their established relationships with the majority of Internet Service Providers (ISP) in the area make this Broadband Enhancement project in Ontario a strategic accelerator to the adoption of Internet Access in rural areas throughout Muskoka and Southern Parry Sound.  It again confirms that powerful software, combined with a powerful vision, can connect people anywhere on Earth with cost-effective, carrier-grade LTE services,” said Michael Sisto, Vice President of Sales at Tazca Connects.  “We are pleased to show that with Tazca Connects, the economic and social benefits of expanding Internet Access is an affordable reality anywhere.  Tazca Connects enables Operators to deploy wireless networks economically, as they would any IT enterprise solution or Internet of Things (IoT) application,” said Sisto.

About Core Broadband

CORE Broadband provides broadband internet access into rural areas throughout Muskoka and Southern Parry Sound.  CORE Broadband was incorporated in 2006 and began construction of the broadband network in March, 2007.  For more information visit

About Tazca Connects

Tazca Connects was launched to answer the call for affordable broadband. Our strategic intent is to enable Operators to bring simple and affordable wireless broadband back into their communities. Tazca offers 4G LTE-as-a-Service with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX in the industry so wireless Operators in any environment can deploy carrier grade broadband now without having to worry about hardware and software infrastructure.  Instead, Operators can focus on marketing and signing up subscribers with LTE download speeds of up to 150MBps and capacities up to 2000 simultaneous users per tower. Tazca offers pay-as-you-grow models to accelerate cost effective broadband connectivity across diverse global communities.   With Tazca, Operators can Plug, Play and Profit with a quality solution deployed at the network edge. Tazca Connects is a subsidiary of Lemko Corporation. For more information visit

About Lemko Corporation

Lemko is a Distributed Mobile Wireless Network software company with ultra-low cost Internet based architectures that drive down the cost per GB MHz POP.  Lemko is the industry leader in Re-Engineering the Mobile Network for Internet Economics and provides quick deployments of 2G, 3G and 4G LTE cellular systems powered by a virtualized and distributed EPC and IMS core.  The company’s market leading solutions are available in multiple form factors including macro network, small cell, enterprise access point, On-Demand Cellular (ODC), M2M, cellular on wheels (COWs), man-portable and are deployed with enterprises, carriers, government, and military private network operators.  Lemko is headquartered in Itasca, Illinois, USA. Additional information is available at


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