LTE Financial Business Model supporting Scale and Differentiation

Happy New Year and welcome to the Tazca-Connects Blog.  Tazca Connects works with operators as Strategic Partners where our joint focus is on shared business outcomes.  With Tazca, Operators can go back to the fundamental ways they grew their business.  Operators are hyper-localized.  They work, live and shop in the same community.  As owner Operators, they meet with, sign up and service customers locally. All business is done as friends and family.  Tazca recognizes this importance which is why we choose to do business the same way.  Tazca’s focus is to rapidly grow your number of subscribers.  The days of being constrained by technology and averaging up to 50 subscribers per site (or so) are now over.

This Blog will be focused on topics and conversations that are most important to today’s Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) about the deployment of affordable Fixed Wireless Broadband to Rural areas across the globe.

To help assist WISPs and Operators needing to rapidly add new subscribers in their local market, Tazca has built an LTE Financial Business Model.  WISPs can use this template to analyze the costs, revenues and cumulative cash flows that deploying Fixed Wireless Broadband over 2.5GHz licensed spectrum would enable.   Using this LTE Financial Business Model, WISPs can change variables such as the Total Addressable Market, the population of residential and business customers, the cost of spectrum or even their monthly costs to support LTE billing, to identify the impact that deploying LTE will have on their business.  With this financial model, any WISP can analyze the business components (like marketing costs) needed to conservatively deploy 1,000+ subscribers (scale) per tower and maintain profitability.

On January 22, 2014 Tazca will be presenting our LTE Financial Business Model at the Indiana WISP Meeting  (Monon Community Center @ Central Park 1235 Central Park Drive East Carmel, Indiana).  Feel free to stop by our booth and say hello and we can review the model together.  This business model will address both the scale and differentiation that Tazca believes the WISP marketplace needs in order to improve the outlook and create a competitive business advantage.  If you will not be able to attend the Indiana WISP Meetings, please visit our contact page and introduce yourself at  Once we have talked, we will get this model in your hands!

Best wishes for a great year!


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