Macro Mini or Pico LTE-as-a-Service

Tazca Connects believes that deploying 4G LTE is critical to increasing broadband availability in underserved areas and helping communities develop a true 21st century digital infrastructure built on affordable high speed Internet access.  Because of that, we offer a broad family of commercial-off-the shelf eNodeB radios that come fully integrated with our virtualized and distributed 4G LTE EPC core.

Our highest capacity radio is our Macro eNodeB which comes with 80w of output power (2x40W) in 2×2 or 4×4 designs.  The Macro radio supports a very broad range of working frequencies from 400MHz to 3.5GHz. Coverage typically averages 5 to 10KM depending on several factors including the environment, spectrum frequency, working bandwidth and RF design.  It can be configured with one, two or three sectors.  Each sector supports maximum downlinks of up to 150 Mbps and maximum uplinks of up to 50 Mbps.  On average, each Macro can support up to 500 simultaneous users (Max Capacity of 2,000) depending on the quality of service the local Operator wants to deliver.

Our Mini eNodeB offers 10w of output power (2x5W) and is best used in dense urban environments were just one to two KM of coverage is needed.  On average it supports 75 simultaneous users well (Max Capacity of 200).  It comes configurable as a single sector solution only, but offers unique portability, weighing about 10KG (22 lbs.) when configured without a site controller.

Finally, our Pico eNodeB offers 250mW (2x125mW) of total output power and is used for indoor deployments in offices or building spaces requiring improved in-building coverage.  On average, each Pico can support 50 simultaneous users well (Max Capacity of 192).  The Pico has LTE and WiFi dual mode functionality and is ideal were efficient use of spectrum is a strategic imperative and in-band backhaul (for all PICO CPE/UE traffic to traditional Macro cell networks) must be avoided.  In other words, Tazca Connects enables “edge based Internet offloading” in our Pico cell deployments.  This means that Operators when deploying with Tazca Connects can experience significant savings in spectrum and traditional backhaul costs.

If you are interested in jump starting economic development in your community by enabling an affordable broadband 4G LTE infrastructure please give us a call.  We can review our flexible product line of 4G enabled Macro, Mini and Pico radios and new “turnkey” installation packages that make deployments faster and easier.


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