Radical Simplification of Architecture Means Winning LTE Business Model

It is February in Chicago and apart from the seven inches of new snow that has fallen and the piles accumulating on the streets, excitement over Tazca’s LTE business model remains red hot.  WISPs across the globe are contacting Tazca to discuss the possibilities of deploying higher speed LTE wireless for a competitive advantage.  They have already deployed wireless using traditional Wi-Fi and WiMax models, but they want more.  Their residential customers want more.  Their business customers want more.  WISPs are telling Tazca that “together” we can grow their WISP footprints in their local communities.  They are telling us that our 100% virtualized and distributed LTE technology overcomes their capital constraints and enables subscriber capacities that will drive new revenue growth.  Frankly, Tazca agrees!

The reason that Tazca enables such a financially compelling LTE business model is that our LTE platform is built on a “radically simplified” LTE architecture.  Tazca’s LTE service is virtualized and is distributed on the edge of each WISP network.  With Tazca, WISPs have a simpler LTE wireless infrastructure that flattens out the traditional constraints of wireless (like enabling higher speed and higher capacities) while reducing the complexities found in most information technology solutions.

We are ready to share our Tazca LTE Financial Business Model with you.  Reach out to us and we will show you ways to accelerate the adoption of LTE wireless broadband in your local communities.   With this financial model, you can determine how to conservatively deploy 1,000+ subscribers per tower and do it profitably.

With Tazca’s LTE business model WISPs can scale and differentiate their offerings now to create a sustainable competitive business advantage.  If you are interested in rapid expansion or would like to sit down over a cup of coffee to talk about our radically simplified LTE architecture, reach out to us now.


Michael Sisto

VP Sales


Mobile 1 847 431 2447

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