The Importance of Understanding LTE Radios

Since Tazca Connects is focused on delivering 4G LTE managed services to WISPs in rural markets across the globe, I spend a good portion of time each week discussing the newest technology advantages of Tazca’s integrated LTE eNodeB radio solutions and the powerful benefits we provide over legacy marketplace solutions.  At Tazca, we refer to our 4G LTE solution as an LTE Node1.  Tazca’s LTE Node1 is comprised of three components.  The first LTE Node1 component is our Evolved Packet Core (EPC) which is 100% virtualized and 100% distributed.   Second, our LTE Node1 includes baseline IMS functionality.  Third, our LTE Node1 includes the eNodeB radio. When Tazca deploys a 4G LTE Node1 solution, the eNodeB deployed for the WISP is truly a carrier grade ODM radio made specifically to our commercial quality specifications.

Because Tazca’s 4G LTE eNodeB solution is carrier grade with very high reliability indices (e.g. MTBF and MTTR with availability percentages supporting best- in-class commercial deployments), I usually focus my WISP discussions on key eNodeB radio performance indices instead.  Our radio performance indices are truly a source of strategic advantage for any WISP.  Generally speaking, Tazca supports LTE eNodeB deployments where the working frequency (TDD or FDD) will go from 400 MHz to 2.6 GHz on a broad range of working bandwidth configuration including 1.4MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 15MHz and 20MHz.

Tazca’s value proposition is based on what our radio equipment can offer that other, less expensive, equipment just cannot do.  Here are four value propositions to consider:

  • Tazca’s Tazca LTE radios enable higher capacities, enabling WISPs to focus on Rapid Market Expansion
    • Example–our carrier grade radio can support up to 2,000 active users per site.  As a comparison, legacy WiMax radios averaged around 50 users per access point.
  • Tazca’s LTE radios enable higher data rates which accelerates WISP Marketing efforts
    • Example–our carrier grade radios support up to 150 Mbps (Downlinks) per sector and 50 Mbps (Uplinks) per sector.  When we deploy an LTE Node1 configured with a three sector eNodeB Macro,  data rates expand to 450Mbps (Downlink) and 150 Mbps (Uplink).
  • Tazca LTE radios come with integrated EPC, allowing WISPs to deploy LTE smoothly with no prior 2G/3G infrastructure experience needed
    • Example—our integrated EPC is deployed with a 100% virtualized and 100% distributed EPC integrated to the eNodeB radio, all deployed on the WISP tower (e.g. the edge of the network closest to the customer).
  • Tazca LTE radios with integrated EPC support IP Multicasting now so WISPs can sell video and surveillance applications with their fixed wireless broadband
    • Example—video surveillance applications for small home and branch offices, gas stations and ATMs

Our 4G LTE EPC-as-a –Service and associated eNodeB capabilities have introduced a new paradigm in commoditizing the LTE core to the network edge.  Give me a call and let’s talk on how we can work together!



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