WISPAmerica 2015 Shifts to Accelerating Broadband Deployments


February 28, 2015


LTE Business Model

WISPAmerica 2015 in St. Louis, Missouri last week was very exciting.  The response to Tazca Connect’s 3.65 GHz unlicensed offering and Smart Cloud EPC to support new community build outs, especially for Municipalities, was extremely positive.   There was an observable shift in WISP booth discussions from traditional range and radio performance questions to more strategic questions like “How can your integrated EPC and distributed mobile architecture help me accelerate Broadband deployments now?”

During WISPAmerica we presented our new wholesale 3.65 GHz Fixed & Nomadic Broadband solutions with “Drop-N-Go” Coverage Kits offering extreme affordability and pay-as-you-grow models.  Many WISPs saw the business value in having each AP radio that is deployed come with Lemko’s integrated and fully featured EPC, enabling a distributed Fixed & Nomadic Distributed Mobile Architecture.   The Tazca Connects 3.65 GHz benefits include:

  • Wholesale “Drop-N-Go” 3.65 GHz Coverage Kits for 10, 25 and 50 Sites
  • Lowest cost per Gigabyte (extreme affordability)
  • Smart Cloud EPC on each Access Point
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband with Nomadic Roaming

During the show, there was significant discussion around the extreme affordability of our Tazca Connects offerings.  Operators were interested in how to optimize their networks by mixing and matching licensed and unlicensed radios using our Smart Cloud EPC which integrates with each AP deployed.  Tazca Connects believes that the most recent policy changes made by the FCC have created an enormous market opportunity for expansion of affordable Internet access and a window of opportunity for WISPs to partner with their local municipalities, at a community level, to deploy and run unlicensed 3.65 GHz hometown infrastructures.

If you are interested in accelerating broadband deployments in your community please give us a call.  We can review our latest 3.65 GHz unlicensed offering and complete product line of 4G enabled Macro, Mini and Small Cell Pico radios that combine to enable robust wireless coverage for communities.


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