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Tazca Supports Telehealth and Private LTE for the Global Home

Recent projections forecast that Telehealth is driving the “global home healthcare market” to bring in over $350 Billion by 2020. Combining with this trend is the recent abundance of spectrum availability (that is ending carrier monopolies) and Private LTE initiatives (focused on community owned broadband). Since Tazca Connects delivers the […]

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Tazca Leadership in Distributed Sensor Systems

Tazca Connects is being recognized globally for our ability to support M2M solutions utilizing our 4G LTE Distributed EPC technology, enabling breakthrough innovation required by the most complex distributed sensor requirements. Those complex requirements are seen in smart city, smart building and emerging digital marketplace global sensor deployments. A recent […]

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LTE Value (4G Cost Comparison Model)


November 30, 2014


LTE Business Model

Tazca Connects has built a 4G Cost Comparison Model that calculates the “economic value” of deploying LTE with a distributed core.  Our Cost Comparison Model confirms a 47% savings annualized over 7 years for Operators deploying distributed LTE cores.  Our Model is available to WISPs who want to analyze the […]

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Tazca Connects 4G LTE-as-a-Service Accelerates Telehealth

Two out of every three people in the world currently lack Internet connectivity.  The affordability of Tazca Connects 4G LTE-as-Service and our ability to deliver data at 1/5th the traditional cost solves the worldwide connectivity challenge and enables Telehealth delivery as a global application, creating a  ‘Beyond-Borders-Care-Continuum’ for disadvantaged rural […]

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Redefining Max Capacity for the Internet Market

Tazca Connects is “redefining max capacity” and eliminating the common concerns that Operators servicing the Internet Market have been experiencing.  Tazca Connects provides very high capacity Fixed Wireless Broadband, Nomadic and Full Mobility 4G LTE services today to Internet Subscribers.  With Tazca, Operators can deliver basic to high-end Internet access […]

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