EZ Enterprise Private and Personal LTE


September 30, 2015


LTE Business Model

Our EZ LTE smart access point made its public debut in the 5G Innovation Lab at CTIA Super Mobility 2015 on September 9th in Las Vegas.  With that EZ LTE announcement the economic cost structure of enterprise private and personal LTE networks (especially those used for deploying high speed broadband Internet access or emerging Industrial Internet solutions) radically changed forever!

Now any organization wanting to deploy private LTE applications (especially M2M) independent of   traditional Carriers can use EZ LTE as an affordable LTE Off-the-Shelf solution.  EZ LTE is a smart indoor/outdoor eNodeB access point that provides broadband connectivity to create a secure private LTE network.  Lemko’s EZ LTE delivers a robust LTE experience with network scalability and drop-n-go economics normally associated with Wi-Fi solutions. The EZ LTE is simple to install, easy to provision, and inexpensive to operate and maintain.  EZ LTE smart access points connect securely to any private IP network behind an Enterprise firewall, or Private/Public/Hybrid Clouds.

The LTE vision for affordability is now realized in Lemko’s EZ LTE solution which delivers the connectivity of everything anywhere and ushers in a fully networked IoT world. Now any client can go to Lemko’s website, use a PayPal account, and buy an EZ LTE solution with optional LTE-as-a-Service options from Tazca Connects.  It is that easy! The EZ LTE smart access point is powered by Lemko’s 5G networking software featuring a virtualized, distributed EPC and IMS that is managed on the Cloud.  EZ delivers LTE QoS and Security with Wi-Fi like economics.  Customers in the U.S. can deploy LTE based on the FCC Citizens Broadband Spectrum rules.

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