EZ LTE Expands into Rural America

Tazca Connect’s EZ LTE wireless solution is having a significant impact on the technology transition that is going on across rural America to overcome the digital divide and enable high speed Internet access for the underserved.

In the United States there are over 8,000 rural communities with people that are digitally isolated.  Those towns have an average per-capita income of less than $15,000 with an average town size of about 3,000.  Those residents need extreme affordability when it comes to being able to pay for Internet access.  They require Internet usage rates that are comparable to wireline offerings, just like most urban areas have today.

Tazca Connects, because of their experience and use of LEMKO innovations, is able to deploy fixed wireless broadband networks that are reliable and affordable. An EZ LTE wireless network enables affordable monthly services plans with pricing that is orders of magnitude lower in cost than any published comparability benchmark in the United States.  In addition, Tazca Connects has created “Connected Community LTE Kits” that offer new pricing models for rural deployments.  Those LTE Kits include new best practice approaches and thresholds for reducing the costs of typical broadband deployments.  Examples include “cost per building passed” and “LTE at Wi-Fi access point” prices as implementable deployment methodologies.

If you are interested in discussing how to deploy LTE for a rural community, please reach out to Tazca Connects and let’s schedule a time to talk.


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