EZ LTE for M2M

M2M enabled private LTE utilizing Tazca Connect’s EZ LTE solution overcomes the primary hurdles and known pain points associated with M2M deployments utilizing legacy Wi-Fi based infrastructures. Historically, Wi-Fi is recognized for struggling when it comes to security, capacity, offloading and billing.  In addition, using M2M over traditional 2G, 3G and even 4G cellular has been just too expensive until now.  That is where Tazca Connects brings significant cost transformation and M2M innovation.

Older M2M deployments were tactically focused on M2M use cases built on data rate requirements in the Kbps (e.g. Smart Meters using bubble-up/wake-up).   In 2016, Tazca Connects has seen a marketplace shift to newer uses cases that support higher forecasted traffic and growth patterns needed for M2M across connected city, automotive, eHealth and smart metering.  Smart metering is a broad energy segment that Tazca Connects is transforming across electric, gas, water and heat.  There are several important examples of EZ LTE smart meter innovations.  They include enabling two-way communications for sending/retrieving meter data for remote monitoring and remote meter maintenance (e.g. software updates/configurations and meter disablement to avoid service truck rolls).  Emerging M2M uses cases include the ability to “prepay for usage” with real time control mechanisms that can incorporate critical peak or sensor driven adjustment triggers/factors.  Finally, with EZ LTE, every M2M deployment can have embedded SMS functionality.

The value of Tazca Connects M2M includes enhanced coverage, reliability, best-in-class latency, cost and innovative messaging mechanisms.  EZ LTE supports continuous operational monitoring and connectivity including environments with high performance data stores needing persistent connectivity.  Let Tazca Connects show you our innovative M2M solutions and use case descriptions for always-on connectivity.


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