M2M Enabled Private LTE Best Practices for Cost Takeout

Tazca Connects offers “M2M Enabled Private LTE”.

By implementing a 5G LTE architecture now, ultra-low cost M2M deployment is realistic.   Architecture drives strategy when it comes to M2M deployments.  By utilizing Lemko’s fully virtualized 5G EZ LTE architecture, a new utility based M2M Opex model is available that mirrors Wi-Fi economics and avoids the traditional barriers of consumer grade networks.

What was once considered “not achievable” by traditional M2M service providers is here now as “M2M Enabled Private LTE”.  Tazca Connects has created several new best practice benchmarks for M2M affordability and answers the “how to” questions associated with leveraging Internet Economics that supports Layer 7 M2M traffic.  Layer 7 traffic requires low latency and high velocity streaming so M2M can unlock stranded data with remote access to Industrial Internet infrastructures.

Tazca Connect’s has built an M2M Opex business model that illustrates how our “M2M Enabled Private LTE” supports bandwidth hungry and bursty M2M applications where the volume of data or hourly bitrate is low (but needs to be high) and the variability of site loads and link capacity is challenged and needs to be rapidly improved.  With Tazca’s “M2M Enabled Private LTE”, legacy constraints associated with centralized EPCs or hosted HLR based MVNO service providers are easily overcome.  Tazca Connects M2M transforms the Opex issues associated with synchronization effects and traffic bursts so rapid improvements for improved device data reporting can be implemented.  Our “M2M Enabled Private LTE” also enables High Mobility (HM) and High Data Rates (HDR). Those HM and HDR based M2M Use Cases are needed for the most demanding Live Video and Automotive applications.

If you are interested in implementing a cost effective EZ LTE M2M network that supports M2M Uplink Use Cases requiring intensive asymmetric based traffic, then we invite you to reach out to Tazca Connects.  Our 5G EZ LTE M2M architecture is truly M2M aware, enabling transformative Use Cases and infrastructure independence from Layer 3 networking constraints and costs.


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