Private LTE Generates Revenue for Public Municipalities

Tazca Connects is pleased to announce our first Municipality deploying Private LTE in a Public/Private deployment model to generate revenue.  In an effort to enable affordable high speed Internet access for citizens, students and businesses, a Municipality in Illinois is deploying Tazca Connects Private LTE.  One of the monthly plans to be offered is a $24 Prepaid plan enabling 25GBs of wireless data.  That Plan equates to $0.96 per GB, which is the most affordable LTE in the United States.  Great for most families and seniors in the community, 25GBs of data equates to about 180 hours per month of web browsing, or 25 hours of video streaming, or about 200 hours of streaming music.

Tazca Connects EZ LTE is an end-to-end solution that accelerates metro connectivity options with affordable always-on high speed Internet access.  Affordable Private LTE enabled Internet attracts new business and generates revenue. Utilizing a Public/Private LTE financial model that is carrier-neutral, now any City can transform their traditional IT infrastructures with drop-n-go LTE connectivity utilizing their existing Ethernet or Fiber.  With Tazca Connects, Municipalities can also extend LTE affordably to support police, fire and public transportation with wireless connectivity.

EZ LTE is based on 3GPP technology and delivers low cost high speed Broadband services by utilizing Lemko’s fully virtualized EPC architecture that mirrors the best of Wi-Fi economics while avoiding all the traditional barriers of consumer grade networks.  This breakthrough allows Cities and Counties to deploy LTE access points in the same fashion as Wi-Fi, but with added security, efficiency and quality of service.

If you are thinking about ways to budget for Private LTE or are interested in looking at a comprehensive approach and financial model for enabling Public/Private 4G LTE, then we invite you to reach out to Tazca Connects.


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