Simplifying LTE Implementations

The EZ LTE wireless platform from Tazca Connects simplifies implementations by eliminating cost areas incurred with traditional LTE installations. The EZ LTE system is simple and compact and comes with the option to direct ship to your LTE site so that you can self-install.  To assist with installation, each EZ LTE comes with an LTE Quick Start Guide that eliminates unnecessary project management costs and provides thorough guidance and support during your implementation.

Tazca Connects is an industry leader when it comes to creating LTE value, and we have been working diligently to optimize the entire LTE value chain from rapid deployment methodologies and self-installation options, to expanded CPE device choices with simpler, lower cost SIMs.  This means that EZ LTE delivers on its coverage and capacity promises so that your LTE expectations will be fully met.

Another area of cost savings is backhaul.  The EZ LTE platform empowers network operators with “pick-your-own” backhaul options including Fiber, Ethernet, Microwave and Satellite.  EZ LTE supports whatever the Operator’s lowest cost or preferred method is for bringing Internet connectivity to their LTE site.  This means LTE cutovers are optimized with affordable “Plug-n-Play” simplicity and best in class deployment economics.  The EZ LTE platform is purposefully engineered to deliver security, quality of service and performance without the complexity or network design costs associated with traditional LTE deployments.

In addition, Tazca Connects has created “Connected Community LTE Kits” that model the impact of various deployment options so that revenues, costs and cash flows can be accurately forecasted. These Kits also help identify the best time to launch value added services and important over the top applications.

If you are interested in discussing LTE implementation best practices for reducing costs or even knowing some of the emerging benchmarks like “cost per gigabyte or cost per building passed” please reach out to Tazca Connects at 630-592-8248.


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