Tazca connects the world.

  • Fast. Easy. Managed 4G LTE Broadband

    Tazca provides the fastest path to subscriber enrollment.
  • Reach Up to 2,000 Active Subscribers Per Site

    Up From Yesterday’s Benchmark of 50 Active Subscribers Per Site
  • Pay-as-You-Grow

    By Site, Sector and Subscriber

Are you ready to grow?

With Tazca, operators can now go back to the fundamental ways they grew their business. Operators were hyper-localized. They worked, lived and shopped in the same community. As owner operators, they met with, signed up and serviced customers locally. All business was done as friends and family.

With Tazca, this is the way we set up our business. With Tazca, Operators can now meet customers’ demands for high speed LTE broadband. Operators can rapidly grow the number of subscribers per site. The days of being constrained by technology and averaging 50 subscribers per site are over. With Tazca, 2,000 simultaneous users per site is the new benchmark.

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Operators Can Focus On

  • Adding New Subscribers
  • Local Marketing
  • Upgrading Existing Subscribers to LTE

While Tazca Focuses On

  • Hosting Operators’ LTE Hardware and Software
  • Managing Your LTE Network
  • Remote Monitoring