Connected City Private LTE for Smart Meters


February 29, 2016


LTE Business Model

Tazca Connects is deploying our Connected City Private EZ LTE solution platform to help Cities and Towns have the wireless coverage they need to outfit their Smart Meter infrastructures with the industry best benchmarks.  Those LTE benchmarks include enhanced coverage, reliability, best-in-class latency and cost.  LTE affordability is critical as more Smart Meter infrastructures require continuous operational monitoring and support for high performance data stores with persistent connectivity.

Categories of EZ LTE use cases for Smart Meters include always-on mesh connectivity, consumption monitoring, fast meter programming, meter data monitoring and disconnection alerting.  These use cases support constant communications.  With EZ LTE, the costs for global connectivity to cellular carriers can be avoided.  In addition, the time to launch and complexity associated with having to work with traditional device makers, system integrators and developers can be streamlined.

EZ LTE is based on 3GPP technology and delivers high speed 3.5/3.65GHz broadband services by utilizing Lemko’s fully virtualized EPC architecture that mirrors the best of Wi-Fi economics while avoiding all the traditional barriers of consumer grade networks.  This breakthrough allows Smart Meter infrastructures to be deployed on LTE access points in the same fashion as Wi-Fi, but with added security and quality of service.

We can show you ways to optimize your wireless meter infrastructures including new options for traditional bubble up, wake-up or mesh meters. We invite you to reach out to Tazca Connects if you are interested in reducing costs through a simpler approach.


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