Tazca Announces City Enabled Private LTE for Consumer Driven Video


December 30, 2015


LTE Business Model

As we wrap up the year and enter 2016, Tazca Connects is announcing City enabled Private LTE for consumer driven video.  The Tazca Connects EZ LTE solution accelerates metro connectivity and meets the unending demand for more video bandwidth.  Now Cities and Municipalities have an affordable Private LTE Appliance that is carrier-neutral and transforms their traditional wireless and wireline infrastructure models by providing plug-and-play connectivity at the end of their existing Ethernet, high capacity fiber and wavelength infrastructures.

The Open Data policies that Cities are implementing to drive new business requires more high speed Internet access.  In response, City IT organizations are overhauling their legacy infrastructures to focus on delivery enablement of low cost high value services that support the most demanding consumer driven video use cases.  Tazca Connects EZ LTE supports those “video-on” use cases for “always-on” connectedness.  EZ LTE device examples include wearables, unmanned systems, presence aware cameras, smart building sensors and telepresence devices that aid collaboration by beaming video wirelessly to connect the unconnected in new and refreshing ways.  EZ LTE delivers low cost high speed Broadband services as low as $1 per Gigabyte.  By utilizing Lemko’s fully virtualized EPC LTE architecture, a new utility based OPEX model is available that mirrors Wi-Fi economics and avoids the traditional barriers of consumer grade networks.

Please reach out to us if you would like a Private LTE demonstration or would like to discuss how EZ LTE can meet your most compelling video requirements.


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