Centralized vs. Distributed LTE Core

Tazca Connects is working with Operators worldwide to demonstrate the tangible benefits that high speed 4G LTE data rates bring when evaluating design options for upgrading their wireless network infrastructures.   Tazca Connects believes that deploying 4G LTE benefits WISPs in many ways.  Those benefits include the deployment of faster data services which drives accelerated subscriber growth.  Tazca is very excited about our fast and reliable LTE services, specifically how we enable “uninterrupted streaming”.   For Tazca, “uninterrupted streaming” is enabled through our innovative Evolved Packet Core (EPC) which is 100% virtualized and 100% distributed.   Tazca’s LTE architecture (with its distributed EPC core) enables WISPs to deploy LTE as they would any IT (Layer 7) application.  Layer 7 traffic is what is needed when you stream media, and that is where Lemko’s LTE architecture provides competitive advantage.

Tazca is always demonstrating our innovative 4G LTE value added services for WISP executives.  After discussing those services, however, those same executives almost unanimously want to begin analyzing the CAPEX and OPEX assumptions (with cumulative cash flow projections) needed to deploy LTE.  In 2013 Tazca built a Cumulative Cash Flow 4G LTE Business Model and has made that modeling tool available to WISPs who are members of the WISPA association.

In addition, Tazca Connects is now announcing that in 2014 that we are taking 4G LTE business modeling to a new level.  Tazca has created a business model that objectively calculates the costs of deploying centralized versus distributed EPC cores so that Operators can plainly see which LTE architecture is the lowest cost alternative when evaluating options for upgrading their wireless infrastructures.

The Tazca Connects EPC Cost Comparison Model enables basic to advanced LTE scenarios to be evaluated.  It integrates several traditional data input areas such as the number of towers and total subscribers, but also allows for advanced inputs such as market characteristics, network characteristics and usage assumptions.  This allows several simple to complex LTE scenarios to be compared.  The EPC Cost Comparison Model allows WISPs to objectively calculate the costs of deploying centralized versus distributed EPC Cores and understand the financial advantages of the Tazca Connects 4G LTE EPC-as-a –Service.

Please give me a call and let’s discuss the Cumulative Cash Flow 4G LTE Business Model and the EPC Cost Comparison Model and see how partnering with Tazca Connects lowers your operating costs.

Michael Sisto
VP Sales
TAZCA–CONNECTS (A Lemko Company)
One Pierce Place, Suite 700, Itasca, Illinois 60143


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