Deploying LTE

Tazca Connects finishes the year encouraged and optimistic about LTE.  The economic value and affordability of LTE-as-a-Service provided by Tazca Connects is solid.  Globally, double digit growth of 4G LTE deployments continues and here in North America Operators implementing LTE remains steady.

Membership in industry organizations promoting the advancement of fixed wireless Internet services and attendance at conferences like WISPAPALOOZA are breaking all-time attendance records.  At an industry level, Operators deploying LTE fixed wireless broadband continue to invest in pre and post implementation training across a mix of strategic, marketing, operations and technical areas.  They understand that it takes continued entrepreneurial leadership and a broad range of new skills to cutover a 4G LTE site.

Examples of key pre implementation activities include local community analysis of the Total Addressable Market (TAM) of potential residential and businesses users needing LTE service.  Analyzing LTE service areas should include business modeling and zip code analysis.  From that data, demographic projections and expected subscriber growth/attrition can be built.  Such projections can then be synthesized with technical RF and environmental considerations so actual tower sites can be identified and expected coverage, capacity and placement of 4G radio and antenna hardware can optimized.

Other planning areas include the selection, testing and purchase of CPE/User Equipment (UEs) required for the Operator to deliver fixed wireless broadband to their new subscribers. Analyzing UE hardware takes time and often requires testing a broad range of indoor, outdoor or tablet devices to select the best price/performance combinations for delivering high speed Internet access.

Implementing 4G may require an Operator to purchase additional pre and post implementation services to accelerate their ability to deploy LTE quickly in reaching the underserved areas they are targeting.  That is where Tazca Connects can help.  We offer a broad range of packaged implementation services to assist Operators deploy quickly.   Please feel free to give us a call and we will review those services and present how partnering with Tazca Connects will lower your total LTE spend.


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