Financial Models for Deploying Citywide Private LTE


November 29, 2015


LTE Business Model

Around the world and especially here in the United States, City and County Governments, Municipalities and Mayors unanimously agree that High Speed Internet access is an essential part of everyday communications for their cities.  These elected officials are speaking about the compelling value propositions that Broadband and Private LTE brings for cost takeout and improving the economic living conditions of their communities.  Under initiatives like IoT, Smart City, or Smart Buildings, elected officials are promoting Public/Private partnerships to deploy Private LTE.  Today’s Industrialized Internet is requiring Cities to explore new ways to refresh legacy infrastructures with lower cost/high value services that support police, fire, education and public transportation.

In the U.S., support for the Open Internet and F.C.C. Net Neutrality rules reclassifying Broadband have made the Internet the focus for policy making as it relates to technology.  The “Open Internet” is driving “Open Data” and that in turn builds new businesses.  As a result, most Mayors and City Managers agree that their Public Utilities could move faster in expanding Internet Services. Because of these trends, Tazca Connects has developed a sustainable 4G LTE financial model for Private LTE.  That model is based on deploying Lemko’s 4G LTE architecture that delivers ultra-low cost high speed Broadband services as low as $1 per Gigabyte.  By utilizing Lemko’s fully virtualized EPC architecture, a new utility based LTE OPEX model is available that mirrors Wi-Fi economics and avoids the traditional barriers of consumer grade networks.

If you are thinking about ways to budget for Private LTE or are interested in looking at a comprehensive approach and financial model for enabling Public/Private 4G LTE, then we invite you to reach out to Tazca Connects.


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