LTE 3.65GHz for M2M & Industrial Internet

Tazca Connects has begun deploying 3.65GHz LTE for M2M and Industrial Internet applications. Most organizations have been tactically focused on deploying M2M with very low data rates and use cases supporting volumes only in the Kbps. We call that the 1st generation “slow and reliable” M2M. With Tazca Connects, clients can now deploy next generation “fast and reliable” M2M over LTE with real-time streaming for interactive data that keeps your physical infrastructures as “lightweight” as possible. For example, we support large numbers of M2M sensors and actuators with reduced signaling and a variety of communication use cases including In-Band mesh networking, MBMS for advanced multicasting, Mobile Anchors and even M2M-over-Satellite.

Tazca Connects enables advanced M2M because of our 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) framework that eliminates dedicated core network equipment spend, traditional latency, packet delays and round-trip communications overhead. Utilizing Lemko Corporation’s award winning EPC technology, our M2M functionality has pure NFV and SDN functionality that combines with an all IP P2P Distributed Architecture for the world’s most innovative and affordable M2M enablement.

This allows clients to eliminate M2M network congestion, reduce signaling and backhaul costs, enable streaming data for increased velocity, simplify data collection, accelerate M2M device triggering options, and support complex Big Data Modeling and enterprise class Data Warehouse Repository options. The Tazca Connects Distributed M2M architecture supports Industrial Internet frameworks requiring data-at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-the-cloud. In addition, the Tazca Connect’s LTE M2M network also enables “quick-deploy” integration with traditional and emerging enterprise M2M streaming data solutions including Apache Storm, Data Torrent, IBM InfoSphere Streams, Spark streaming and SQLStream for the best in LTE M2M real-time streaming enterprise enablement.

We encourage you to partner with Tazca Connects for your next Industrial Internet M2M enterprise class project.


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