LTE Value (4G Cost Comparison Model)


November 30, 2014


LTE Business Model

Tazca Connects has built a 4G Cost Comparison Model that calculates the “economic value” of deploying LTE with a distributed core.  Our Cost Comparison Model confirms a 47% savings annualized over 7 years for Operators deploying distributed LTE cores.  Our Model is available to WISPs who want to analyze the economic value of their wireless operations and discuss tangible options for taking their business to a new level.  The Model calculates the true technology costs of deploying LTE so that objective financial comparisons can be completed and understood.

The Tazca Connects Model has detailed scenario builders enabling market characteristics from primary and secondary markets with urban and rural subscribers to be leveraged.  In addition, network characteristics addressing spectrum, tower capacity and various spectral efficiency best practices, including the use of LTE sectors, to be input.  The Model also supports advanced use cases incorporating usage simulations for peak, normal and low utilization scenarios by hour and subscriber.

At the end of the day, CFOs want to see the actual LTE forecasts and total spend, annualized, for network Capex and Opex.  Our Model’s Network Opex forecasts include the actual costs for the RAN, Core (centralized and distributed) along with annual backhaul expenses, network maintenance and site rental.  Knowing these costs will lead to a better understanding of the new LTE “Costs per GB” benchmarks that Tazca Connects enables with its LTE-as-a-Service deployments.  Please give us a call and we will present the Model and demonstrate how partnering with Tazca Connects will lower your total LTE spend.


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