Redefining Max Capacity for the Internet Market

Tazca Connects is “redefining max capacity” and eliminating the common concerns that Operators servicing the Internet Market have been experiencing.  Tazca Connects provides very high capacity Fixed Wireless Broadband, Nomadic and Full Mobility 4G LTE services today to Internet Subscribers.  With Tazca, Operators can deliver basic to high-end Internet access to all of their local market segments.  That is also what Internet Subscribers want and that is where the world market is headed.

From a global perspective most Internet Subscribers do not have affordable options to access the Internet via high capacity 4G LTE wireless services.  Instead, they remain underserved using lower capacity Fixed Narrowband Internet (averaging 256 Kbps) or non-commercial grade wireless technologies.  This means that many cities globally have Internet penetration as low as 2 to 3% and mobile penetration less than 50%.  Rapid change in 4G LTE availability and capacity is needed.  That is where Tazca Connects 4G LTE innovation springs forth!

With Tazca Connects, Operators can rebuild their communities affordably and with high capacity 4G LTE value added services.  For example, most Operators have deployed wireless Access Point (AP) radios from traditional wireless solution providers that support only 40-50 customers per AP.  Tazca Connects offers high capacity commercial grade 4G LTE radios (80Watts) that allow 2,000 simultaneous customers to be accessing the Internet (downloading or uploading data) at the same time.

With Tazca Connects, Operators experience a 40x capacity improvement!  When an Operator deploys Tazca Connects 4G LTE they are delivering improved broadband capacity that is affordable.  This allows operators to “mass rollout” high speed Internet capacity across the communities they serve.

Michael Sisto

VP Sales

TAZCA–CONNECTS (A Lemko Company)
One Pierce Place, Suite 700, Itasca, Illinois 60143
Mobile 1 847 431 2447
Office 1 630 592 8248
Skype: sisto_16



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