Tazca Connects at CTIA September 9-11, 2015

Tazca Connects is excited to announce that Lemko was selected to be in the prestigious “5G Innovation Lab” at the upcoming CTIA Super Mobility 2015 show September 9th -11th in Las Vegas (Booth 4315).  At the show Tazca Connects and Lemko will be showcasing our 5G network architecture and demonstrate how the next generation mobile network will change the economic cost structure to enable the industry to compete with unlicensed spectrum at Internet/Wi-Fi costs.

Here are some of the topics we will be showcasing:

  • 5G is Cellular Off-the-Shelf:
    Based on the recent FCC ruling around Citizen’s Band Spectrum (allocating 150Mhz at 3.5ghz to anyone to use), Lemko will showcase how mobility should be purchased now and in the future.  Cellular-off-the-shelf.  Buying LTE/5G should be just as easy as Wi-Fi.  Lemko’s EZ Product line – intelligent edge, smart eNodeB, integrated radio/EPC, flat distributed IP mobile network will be showcased as cellular-off-the-shelf for Citizen’s Band Spectrum.  This will demonstrate how managed spectrum solutions need to compete from an ease of deployment and cost perspective with unlicensed spectrum.  Carriers are going to have to compete with unlicensed solutions by matching the costs but with delivering QoS and security.
  • 5G Enables an Affordable IOT:
    Not only is the mobile industry is challenged with providing a cost effective network to support the Internet of Things (connecting everything to everyone) but Wi-Fi seems strained to support the QoS and security required for mission critical solutions.  Lemko will demonstrate how our distributed flat IP mobile network architecture (drop-n-go) should be the basis for IOT networks of the future, think of it as managed spectrum at Wi-Fi/Internet economics.  Mobile operators need to provide IOT networks at the equivalent cost-per-GB as the Internet for IOT to scale globally.  Lemko will demonstrate how to cost effectively unlock the value of stranded data. Real time health monitoring will improve service delivery and prevent catastrophic failure. The cost of replacing a valve (or other device) is not the issue.  The real loss comes in the loss of production due to the failure of a critical component. A privately owned network allows “pervasive sensing”. As compared to a commercial network the cost of adding another sensor is very low or close to zero.
  • The First 5G Architected Smart City:
    Lemko has been selected as the network technology for one of the largest Smarter City deployments globally.  Smarter Cities are figuring out that Wi-Fi is not good enough from a QoS or security perspective.  Carriers can’t seem to provide the right cost structures to deliver the mobile infrastructure needed to truly enable smarter city requirements and citizen applications.  Lemko’s ‘No EPC’ solution along with our approach to ‘converge’ mobility and the internet drives the lowest cost per GB solution on the market.  The city of Qiqihar, China selected Lemko as their network technology to provide the lowest cost mobile internet.  Lemko was selected purely on the lowest cost per GB solution on the market where others were not able to be competitive.

I would be very interested in scheduling time with you to review what we will be presenting there, or meeting with you at CTIA (Booth 4315) if you will be attending.


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