Tazca Connects Pervasive Sensing

Tazca Connects now offers Industrial Internet based pervasive sensing solutions and has begun working with clients worldwide on innovative methods to enhance the performance of their automation systems using 4G LTE M2M.  When it comes to M2M enablement, Tazca Connects offers more, supporting M2M connectivity over traditional LTE cellular, while also offering “any movement M2M” where sensor connections over fixed wireless broadband, nomadic and even emerging infrastructures in motion (e.g. Agriculture, Automobile and Data Center on Wheels) are supported today.

Since Tazca utilizes Lemko Corporation’s 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) framework that eliminates dedicated core network equipment spend, traditional latency issues, packet delays and round-trip communications overhead.  Lemko’s award winning EPC technology has pure NFV and SDN functionality that combines with an all IP P2P Distributed Architecture for M2M innovation and affordability.  This means that most of your M2M monthly charges are eliminated when you choose Tazca Connects.

With Tazca Connects M2M, customers now have viable alternatives for migration off of legacy 2G and 3G infrastructures and related devices and gateways. Tazca Connects eliminates most traditional M2M monthly charges that clients experience when contracted with legacy M2M Service Providers, Communication Service Providers (CSP) or M2M Service Aggregators who bundle connectivity.

The Tazca Connects 4G LTE is an invaluable tool for the remote monitoring of industrial equipment, enabling new plateaus of affordability and offering new pervasive sensing services that streamline operations by optimizing the utilization of next generation control sensors.  If you are just now creating your M2M and IoT strategies or considering value added M2M applications such as “Smart Plant”, “Smart Building” or “Smart City”, please reach out to Tazca Connects to discuss wholesale Private LTE M2M-as-a-Service. The Tazca Connects platform delivers M2M-as-a-Service to Asia/Pacific, Japan, Central and Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, North America and Western Europe.


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