Tazca Leadership in Distributed Sensor Systems

Tazca Connects is being recognized globally for our ability to support M2M solutions utilizing our 4G LTE Distributed EPC technology, enabling breakthrough innovation required by the most complex distributed sensor requirements. Those complex requirements are seen in smart city, smart building and emerging digital marketplace global sensor deployments.

A recent example of Tazca Connects M2M innovation is our ability to support fixed sensors that interact with moving infrastructures, as in smart retail stores with next generation infrastructures. We call this class of M2M sensors ad-hoc unstructured networking, where sensors using Tazca Connects technology form and reform interconnections in a swarming fashion meshing together in clusters directed by PCRF policy controls inherent in our EPC technology. A second example is M2M distributed sensing seen in digital marketplace use cases requiring the ability to support multiple points of interest (e.g. point-of-sale or end of isle LED displays) collecting data via beam forming technology and new full coverage techniques.

A very common M2M use case includes those for video surveillance, especially when fixed and mobile video sensors come equipped with advanced image and signal processing components. By using Tazca Connects mobile sensor capabilities, the number of fixed sensors in a deployment can be reduced, thus eliminating M2M CAPEX costs. We also support large numbers of M2M sensors and actuators with reduced signaling and a variety of communication use cases including In-Band mesh networking, MBMS for advanced multicasting, Mobile Anchors and even M2M-over-Satellite. Utilizing Lemko Corporation’s award winning EPC technology, our M2M functionality has pure NFV and SDN functionality that combines with our all IP P2P Distributed sensing architecture to enable new M2M smart places that and extreme affordability.

Please reach out to us if you are looking for advanced M2M solutions utilizing a Distributed EPC architecture that supports Industrial Internet LTE networking. Tazca Connects M2M supports data-at-rest, data-in-motion and data-in-the-cloud and integrates with streaming data solutions including Apache Storm, Data Torrent, IBM InfoSphere Streams, Spark streaming and SQLStream for the best in wholesale Private LTE M2M. Tazca Connects M2M optimizes distributed sensor system infrastructures requiring real-time streaming and the world’s most affordable M2M enablement.


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