Tazca Supports Telehealth and Private LTE for the Global Home

Recent projections forecast that Telehealth is driving the “global home healthcare market” to bring in over $350 Billion by 2020. Combining with this trend is the recent abundance of spectrum availability (that is ending carrier monopolies) and Private LTE initiatives (focused on community owned broadband). Since Tazca Connects delivers the lowest cost per gigabit, we are partnering with Operators and Organizations wanting to deploy affordable wireless. The Telehealth ability to support healthcare products focused on home diagnostics functionality and next generation BIO sensor enabled infrastructures is making broadband a necessity, not a luxury.

Private community 4G LTE deployments utilizing Citizens Broadband Service (with its Priority Access Licenses and General Availability Access) has opened up 150MHz of available spectrum for very localized license areas that are independent of carrier control. Tazca Connects supports 4G LTE M2M global home infrastructures utilizing our 4G LTE Distributed EPC technology, enabling breakthrough innovation required by the most complex BIO sensor requirements. Examples of those complex requirements include LTE flow sensors for liquids and respiratory cases, temperature sensors, infrared radiation measurements and even emerging chemical sensors for Telehealth biomedical applications.

Please reach out to us to discuss options for deploying Private LTE to support Telehealth. Tazca Connects M2M supports data-at-rest, data-in-motion and also data-in-the-cloud while integrating to various streaming data solutions for the best in wholesale Private LTE M2M.


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